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Mansikan ja banaanin makuinen kaseiini ja whey pohjainen palautusjuomajauhe.

Based on casein and whey protein hydrolysate
Whey protein isolate from cross flow microfiltration provides concentrated, natural proteins with high quality co factors (25% BCAA). Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass
Enriched with the free amino acids leucine (2%) and glutamine (2%)
Enriched with the soluble dietary fibre inuline (4 g per portion)
Complete vitamins spectrum

SPONSER Recovery Drink is a fruity carbohydrate-protein drink free of lactose for a normal restoration (recovery) after physical exercises. Contains short and long chain carbohydrates for energy supply.

1 sachet (60 g) mixed with 300-500 ml cold water

To be taken within 1 h after the effort and in between, or up to 1 h before training to support the muscle constitution. 1-2 portions daily.



Pönttö 1200g, Annospussi 60g


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